Feed Quality is important to us here at Agri-Way Partners because we are a producer owned feed mill.  We understand that the success and profits of our customers depends on the quality of the products that we make every day.  We regularly submit samples of our production feed to a third party lab for analysis to insure our process is operating within tolerance.    

For our hog feed customers we are able to produce a quality feed that is competitively priced.  We have options available to produce a a pellet feed if it is needed out of our Wayland facility.

Out of our Crawfordsville location we sell Kent and Purina Feeds.  We have a full line of feeding solutions for your livestock.

The Iowa City location manufactures hog, cattle, sheep, goat and horse feed.  We are capable of servicing many types and sizes of customers, from farmers that require semi loads of feed down to a walk in customer that wants a 500 lb. custom mix in bags.  We take great pride in being able to provide a higher quality feed than retail outlets provide. 

We also are a retail outlet for Hubbard Feeds, offering a wide variety of feed for farm animals, poultry, and pets.  We do what many big chain outlets can’t, and that is to offer nutritional programs for specific for your animal, whether it be horses in various stages of their lives, a backyard poultry flock, or the family dog. 

Finally, we retail the Hubbard Show-Rite brand of show feeds for cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and rabbits.  Show-Rite has developed a reputation for high quality feed, and the results prove it.  We offer the entire lineup for each species, from the time they come on to the farm until they go to the fair.